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Terms and Conditions

  1. Definition
    • MWM shall mean MWM Wine School
    • “event” shall mean course (including certificate course), workshop, online event and any other experiences organised by MWM
    • “certificate course” shall mean course approved by local and overseas certification body for provision in MWM.
    • “business day” shall mean any weekday (9am-6pm HKT) that is not a General Holiday in Hong Kong
  2. Event Registration
    • Proof of payment in full and application form are required to complete the registration for an event.
    • Registrants are required to present the confirmation of enrolment issued by MWM upon arrival at the registered event
  3. Event Arrangement
    • MWM ensures all events being conducted in the highest standards of professionalism, quality and punctuality
    • MWM undertakes to comply all relevant regulatory requirements and certification bodies’ compliance regime
    • School reserves the rights to change the date, time, venue, speaker and/or medium of instruction, because of:
      • Force majeure
      • Unavailability of nominated speaker who is also the only speaker allowed to host the event
      • Request by the majority of the group of registrants for a change
    • Before MWM changes the events’ date, time, venue, speaker and/or medium of instructions, it would notify all registrants in advance.
  4. Event Attendance
    • Registrant must attend event on time; MWM reserves the right to start the event prior to arrivals of late-comers
    • Absence from event is considered as cancellation by registrant after event commences, and MWM would not provide any refund or credit to the registrant
    • If registrant is absent from an inevitable session of a certificate course, MWM would offer registrant the right to attend an alternate session within 6 months and before the first examination related to the course; MWM cannot guarantee the availability of such session, and would not issue any amount of refund
  5. Rescheduling and Cancellation Arrangement
    • Events are subjected to minimum number of registrants and maximum number of vacancies. Should an event be out of vacancies or has less than the minimum number of registrants, MWM would propose an alternate date for the same event or an alternate event for registrant’s consideration.
    • For registrants who have paid and do not agree with the change or unable to attend the event because of the change by MWM:
      • for one-time event or an entire certificate course, MWM provide a full refund for payment received or a credit for participation to future events; registrants must return any materials provided by MWM in relation to the course cancelled
      • for one session of a certificate course, MWM would offer registrant the right to attend an alternate session within 6 months and before the first examination related to the course; MWM cannot guarantee the availability of such session, and would not issue any amount of refund
  6. Cancellation And Refund Requests by the Registrant
    • For cancellation requests submitted before the cancellation deadline, MWM would charge a cancellation fee, cost of any materials supplied and service fee charged by third-parties to MWM. MWM would refund payment received, after deducting above cost.
    • Cancellation deadlines:
      • Certificate course: 14 business days before course
      • Other events: within 7 days after payment
    • For cancellation requests made after cancellation deadline and before the start of event, MWM would charge registrant 50% of the event fee payable and any materials supplied. MWM would refund payment received, after deducting above cost.
    • For cancellation after the event commences, MWM would charge registrant 100% of the event fee payable, and would not refund any payment received.
    • Cancellation fee is 2% of event fee and minimum HK$100
    • Examination cancellation policies are separately entailed in this terms & conditions
  7. Transferral of Registration by the Registrant
    • Upon approval by MWM, registrant can the registration to another applicant.
    • MWM reserves the right to charge for any materials supplied or any non-refundable service fee charged by third-parties, if these fees cannot be transferred to another applicant for free.
  8. Examination Arrangement
    • Candidates are required to provide all accurate information and complete all administration process as per request of certification body before registration deadlines. Candidates who fail to do so would not be registered for the exam.
    • If an examination fee is required, the candidate must complete payment 2 business days before registration deadline.
    • Registration deadlines
      • WSET Level 1-2 Awards: 14 business days before exam day
      • WSET Level 3 Awards: 21 business days before exam day
      • Italian Wine Scholar: 28 business days before exam day
      • Italian Wine Ambassador: 28 business days before exam day
      • The Gin Ambassador, The Whisky Ambassador & The Advanced Whisky Ambassador: 5 business days before exam day
      • The deadlines are subjected to change according to notice by certification bodies
    • Rescheduling
      • Upon approval by MWM, candidates can reschedule their examination.
      • If a request is made before registration deadlines, the candidate would not be charged a full resit fee, but MWM reserves the right to charge an invigilation fee and/or paper courier fee to a candidate who seeks a schedule that is out of the plan of MWM
      • If a request is made after registration deadlines, the candidate would be charged a full resit fee, and MWM reserves the right to charge invigilation fee and/or paper courier fee on top of resit fee
      • Registration deadlines apply to newly scheduled exam
    • Absence from examination
      • Absent candidate is required to provide medical proof (doctor’s certificate or similar document) to MWM within 3 business days. MWM would provide the document to the certification body for record.
      • Exam resit fee waiver is subjected to approval by the certification body
      • Rescheduling policies apply if the candidate request to sit in future exam
    • Examination conditions
      • MWM would announce conditions before examination
      • In general, candidates are not allowed to use any electronic devices, and the devices must be switched off and remain switched off during examination; books and notes are not allowed in any accessible areas near candidates; communications between candidates are strictly forbidden
      • MWM guarantees to provide the instruction, facilities and assistance for candidates to complete examination according to guidelines by certification body
    • Examination results
      • MWM would update candidates about the lead time of examination results, according to latest updates by certification body
      • MWM would notify candidate by email as soon as the result has been received from the certification body
      • Candidates can raise enquiries against exam results, exam feedbacks or appeals against exam results by email. MWM would inform candidates about the fee and forward the request to certification body after payment received
      • MWM would keep results in form of printed formats for maximum 6 months; uncollected materials would be destroyed.
  9. Force majeure
    • For the purposes of this article the force majeure means the circumstances beyond the control of the parties, that cannot be prevented by the parties and are not resulted by any mistake or negligence from MWM and/or registrants but are impossible to forecast; Such circumstance may be war or a disaster, epidemic, quarantine, embargo over the goods, sharp decrease of the state assignment etc.
  10. Complaints and Appeals
    • Complaints related to events, courses or products provided by MWM should be submitted to MWM within 14 days after the event completed or the incidence happened. The complaints must first be addressed formally, in writing to (Attention: School Manager of MWM Wine Wine School). Please provide:
      • Your name, contact phone number and email
      • Event / product name, date and time of the incidence
      • Parties involved
      • Suggestions for resolutions, if any
    • After acknowledgement of the complaints, MWM will carry out investigations and provide feedback at a reasonable timeframe.
  11. Ownership and copyright
    • All of the content and materials available in the classes and on our website ( are protected by copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights and law. No contents or materials can be reproduced, adapted, linked to, distributed or used in any way without our prior written consent. No photo taking or recording is allowed during the classes.
  12. Data protection
    • The information stored by MWM is in accordance with the data protection act as listed in Privacy Note. Please email if you do not wish your personal data to be used for receiving information as stated in the declaration.
  13. Promotional materials
    • MWM might take photographs or videos for use in our promotional marketing purposes. Registrants must inform us in writing before the course starts if you do not allow us to use such images.