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Discover the World of Wine and Spirits with MWM Wine School

At MWM Wine School, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and love for wine and spirits with enthusiasts and professionals alike. Offering a range of certificate courses, corporate trainings, team-building activities, and themed workshops, we provide a comprehensive learning experience for individuals looking to expand their understanding of the world of wine and spirits.Founded by Debra Meiburg MW, the first Master of Wine in Asia, MWM Wine School is committed to delivering high-quality education. Our courses are hosted by globally renowned wine and spirit educators who bring their expertise and passion to every class. With their vibrant teaching style and engaging educational material, our tutors ensure that each student has an enjoyable and memorable learning experience.One of our flagship programs is the WSET Awards in Wine and Spirits. Recognized worldwide, this certification provides a solid foundation in wine and spirits knowledge. Whether you are a beginner or an industry professional, this course will enhance your understanding of different wine regions, grape varieties, production methods, and tasting techniques.For those interested in exploring specific wine regions in depth, we offer the Italian and Spanish Wine Scholar courses. These programs delve into the rich history, culture, and wine traditions of Italy and Spain, providing a comprehensive understanding of their unique wine styles and appellations.Vinitaly Italian Wine Maestro is another course that focuses specifically on Italian wines. Designed for wine enthusiasts and professionals, it offers an in-depth exploration of Italy’s diverse wine regions, grape varieties, and winemaking techniques. This certification is an excellent opportunity to become an expert in Italian wines.If you have a passion for California wines, our Capstone California course is perfect for you. This program delves into the wines of California, including the famous Napa Valley and Sonoma County. You will learn about the region’s climate, terroir, grape varieties, and winemaking practices, gaining a comprehensive understanding of California’s wine industry.For those interested in spirits, we offer The Whisky Ambassador and The Gin Ambassador courses. These programs provide an in-depth exploration of whisky and gin, respectively, covering their history, production methods, tasting techniques, and cocktail creations. Whether you are a whisky connoisseur or a gin enthusiast, these courses will enhance your appreciation and knowledge of these spirits.In addition to our certificate courses, MWM Wine School also hosts frequent wine events and workshops. These events offer a unique opportunity for students and alumni to connect with the local and international wine community. Through these networking events, you can expand your wine knowledge, taste new wines, and build valuable connections within the industry.Our multi-purpose venue in Aberdeen is fully equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual facilities and tasting equipment, providing an ideal learning environment for our classes and networking events. We also deliver courses in partnering venues in Hong Kong and Macau, ensuring accessibility for students across the region.At MWM Wine School, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience for wine and spirits enthusiasts. Join us on a journey of discovery and expand your knowledge and appreciation of the fascinating world of wine and spirits.

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